Sexual and Reproductive Health

Vision: For people in Gippsland to have positive, respectful, safe sexual relationships and reproductive choice.

Access to sexual and reproductive health support during COVID-19

Sexual and reproductive health is still very important during the coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic. You can still catch a sexually transmitted infection and have an unplanned pregnancy. There will be less places to get access to condoms, but your local doctor and pharmacy remain open to access regular and emergency contraceptives and abortion as needed.

If you would like to speak to someone about contraception, pregnancy or sexual health 1800 My Options is a free, confidential sexual and reproductive health information helpline for Victorian women. Go to www.1800myoptions.org.au or phone 1800 696 784.

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Read our fact sheet below for more details. Download the Plain English version here.

Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy 2017-2021

Gippsland Women’s Health is the lead agency for the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy 2017-2021. This is the third Strategy for Gippsland and is guided by the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Alliance comprising of workers from health services, community agencies and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The Strategy was informed by earlier Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategies and the Victorian Government Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Key Priorities 2017-2020.  Download the Gippsland Strategy below.


Theory of Change

Future work will be guided by the release of Victoria’s first Theory of Change to address inequities in women’s sexual and reproductive health. Developed by Gender Equity Victoria Sexual and Reproductive Health Community of Practice the Theory of Change will guide the collective and individual work of women’s health services to achieve our shared vision.

Shared Vision: The rights of all Victorian women to optimal sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing are fully realised.


Gippsland Research

Gippsland Women’s Health recently conducted mapping of the availability of sexual and reproductive health services from GPs and Pharmacies in Gippsland. The two reports are now complete and inform the work of the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Alliance in advocating for more services for women in Gippsland.

  1. Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Pharmaceuticals – A quantitative report of the sexual and reproductive pharmaceuticals provided by 48 Pharmacies in Gippsland.

  2. General Practice Sexual and Reproductive Health Services – A quantitative report of the sexual and reproductive services of 36 General Practice Clinics in Gippsland.

Are You Covered?

The Condom Vending Machine Project has been implemented in Gippsland through the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy.  By collaborating with local government, health services and community groups 36 machines have been installed across the six local government areas increasing access to condoms. The strategy also includes support for schools to provide comprehensive relationships and sexuality education. Read the report

Due to COVID-19 some condom vending machines that are in public toilets may now be locked and some places where you can get free condoms may be closed.  You can still get condoms at supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, online and at some health and community organisations.

Read more and get involved in the #AreYouCovered campaign on Instagram and find locations of the condom vending machines here

Relationships and Sexual Health School Grant Program

Due to COVID 19 and the social distancing restrictions currently in place Family Planning Victoria (FPV) cannot deliver the In class professional learning (ICPL) to participating schools so the grant program has been temporarily suspended.

If you are interested in doing some FPV online professional learning please go to https://www.fpv.org.au/professional-learning-support/professional-learning/teachers

For further information and training opportunities please follow Gippsland Women’s Health on Facebook  or contact us.