GWH Winter Spring 2019 Newsletter Women WarriorsWomen Warriors

Our Winter Spring Newsletter is finally here!

Women Warriors is alive with the optimism and passion of the women who have contributed, each leading their own revolutions and creating change for a better world.

We hope you are as inspired as we are after reading the words from: Isabelle, Lucy Capurso, Kirli Saunders, Michelle Roger, Antoinette Holm, Deb Foskey, Marlene Parsons, Bec Vandyk, Ella Anderson, East Gippsland Days for Girls Chapter.

Topics include young women and sport, speaking up about the environment, inclusion and disability, advocating for equality and respect, women who stand for parliament, women advocating for themselves, their health and the health of others, and so much more.

Our featured artist is Helen Timbury of West Gippsland. Helen has kindly allowed us to reprint her Dyslexia Series of linocuts.

Download Winter Spring Newsletter or contact us for a printed copy.