Student design competition

Gippsland Respectful Relationships Poster Design Competition

Students from Gippsland Respectful Relationships schools are invited to enter a poster design competition organised by the Department of Education and Training in partnership with Gippsland Women’s Health.  The competition themes are ‘What do respectful relationships look like for you?’ and ‘What does gender equality mean to you?’

There are 76 schools across Gippsland who have signed up to be part of the Respectful Relationships initiative. Students wishing to participate in the region wide competition must design an original work and can include drawing, photography, computer generated graphics, painting or collage with messages relating to positive respectful relationships and gender equality.

A healthy relationship requires an understanding of what respect means and recognising the importance of gender equality, to ensure that we value everyone fairly. Gender equality is an important part of preventing violence against women and family violence in our community.  Gippsland Women’s Health is working with Department of Education as part of a regional strategy to promote respectful and equal relationships and is hoping to create a suite of resources for use schools and other spaces to support the work to prevent violence against women and their children across Gippsland.

If your school is part of the Respectful Relationships initiative, we encourage your children to enter the competition.  Entries will be collated by Gippsland Women’s Health.  Ask your teacher about the competition and collect an entry form from your school, or download form here.  The competition closes on 14 September 2018.

Students interested in working to create social change may also like to consider entering the Videos for Change. Videos for Change is a national competition that empowers young people to create a one-minute video to raise awareness and inspire change on a social issue they are passionate about. Visit for more information.