GWH Winter Spring 2019 Newsletter Women Warriors Leading the revolution, creating change

Women Warriors

Winter Spring  2019

Women Warriors is alive with the optimism and passion of the women who have contributed, each leading their own revolutions and creating change for a better world.  We hope you are as inspired as we are after reading the words from: Isabelle, Lucy Capurso, Kirli Saunders, Michelle Roger, Antoinette Holm, Deb Foskey, Marlene Parsons, Bec Vandyk, Ella Anderson, East Gippsland Days for Girls Chapter.

Cover of Summer Newsletter Girls can be Firefighters

Utopia – An Ideal World

Summer Autumn 2019

Utopia is the idea of a perfect society in which everyone works well with each other and is happy. It is a “real place” that we are striving for and the articles in this edition help to highlight how much work we are yet to achieve.  This edition features several wonderful guest contributors including Lidia Thorpe, Michelle Roger, Sarah Smethurst and Leah Radatti, and the artwork of the Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality Poster Competition finalists.


Speaking Out – for a Brave New World

Winter 2018

Speaking out is not new for women. As the #MeToo movement gets louder and stronger we see and feel glimpses of change and are inspired to continue to speak out, push boundaries, challenging the establishment. This issue inspires coming together and speaking out to make a better place, for everyone.


Taking the Lead

Summer 2017-18

Leadership has many forms. While we welcome our new Chief Executive Officer to lead Gippsland Women’s Health, we also celebrate the wonderful members of our community who proudly stand up for gender equality in our 16 Days of Activism campaign. Taking the lead on social justice issues do make a real difference in our community, we hope these stories inspire you to lead in your way.



Winter 2017

Change is inevitable. Adapting to change can be challenging at times. This issue looks at the changing environment and work of Gippsland Women’s Health; changing attitudes to become more inclusive and embracing of others; the changing practices is breast cancer detection and treatment; and making healthy changes in our food and environmental choices.



Summer 2016/17

Twenty-five years ago, a passionate group of Gippsland women recognised a need for a women’s service where women could seek information and referral, advice and advocacy. In 2016, Choice is still as important as it was in 1991.




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