Women bleed, even in and after disaster…

We are collecting donations of pads, tampons & menstrual cups for women & girls, and anyone who mensturates, impacted by East and Far East Gippsland fires.

Period Support update:

Thank you everyone who has donated period supplies and made cash donations, your generosity have raised just over $5000 in 3 days for Gippsland Period Support and endless amounts of product. The response has been so very wonderful.

We understand relief centres have sufficient supplies for the moment. They know we have stock and will contact us when they need it. We will still take delivery to our Sale office, however please note it is not urgent. We also understand that you want to do something to help, so please keep collecting if you would like to and we will work with you to set up drop off points as we can. If you have messaged us and we haven’t replied, we are sorry, please be patient, we will.

We have been contacted by some producers of menstrual products and they have committed large supplies, of which we are hugely grateful. We are also working with Share the Dignity and Melbourne Period Project. We will all work together and with our partner organisations in East Gippsland, we will ensure those who bleed monthly will have access to what they need.

Your response has been so amazing! We will ensure all donations are distributed for as long as we have supply. We are sure this will be well into the recovery period.

Thank you

Gippsland Women’s Health Team

What is Period Support

This is a specific need for so many women and girls. We plan to distribute via our partner networks throughout East Gippsland. We want to ensure that women and girls in these recovering areas have one less thing to worry about, and have easy access to period supplies. Being a menstruating woman is expensive, it’s also not talked about enough and we hope we can alleviate some of the stress on top of the financial and emotional costs of living and rebuilding.

Donations can be left at our office in Sale, 56B Cunninghamme Street, Sale. (more drop off sites will be added as we arrange them)

Menstruation does not stop if you are in a disaster.

Make a Donation

We are accepting cash donations if you would prefer to donate to a fund for us to purchase bulk supplies, either in person at our office or through via Give Now or

If you would like to join us, please contact our office 03 51431600.