Students’ artwork on Gippsland Buses

Poster Design Competition: challenging gender stereotypes

Last year, Gippsland Women’s Health worked with the Department of Education and Training to run a successful Poster Design Competition to challenge gender stereotypes. Gippsland students at all 76 schools signed up to the Respectful Relationships Initiative were invited to participate. Ten finalists were chosen from 630 entries. Their artwork was reproduced to create respectful relationships and gender equality resources for use in schools, as well as being shared widely across Gippsland for 16 Days of Activism against gender based violence, including an exhibition at the Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale.

Students from Gippsland Respectful Relationships schools are again invited to enter the art competition, with the 2019 theme being ‘Challenging Gender Stereotypes’. This year’s finalists will have their artwork reproduced on local buses across Gippsland, ensuring these messages are seen.

Students wishing to participate in the region wide competition must design an original work conveying a clear message that challenges gender stereotypes and/or that we are not limited by our gender. Artwork can include drawing, photography, computer generated graphics, painting or collage.

If your school, or your child’s school is part of the Respectful Relationships initiative, we encourage all students to enter the competition. Ask your teacher about the competition and collect an entry form from your school or from the Gippsland Women’s Health website. The competition closes on 20 September 2019.