Need an abortion?

You are not alone

It is estimated that in Australia almost 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. Although access to abortion services in Gippsland is limited there are some. It is important that you consider your options as early as possible as the longer you leave it, the less options you will have and often it will be more expensive.

Find support and information

1800 My Options 1800 696 784 is a free and confidential phone line and information service for Victorian women seeking timely and trusted sexual and reproductive health information. The helpline can provide you with non-judgemental, prochoice information about sexual and reproductive health services including contraception, pharmacies, counselling and abortion providers. Through the information you provide in your call you will be provided with a referral to a relevant trusted clinical, support or counselling service which is based on your needs and location.

You can also search for providers on the website at however, note that not all services are publicly listed.

Please note 1800 My Options does not provide medical, legal or financial advice or counselling.

For further information about pregnancy options go to: