Media Release – Gippsland Women’s Health Funding Announcement

Gippsland Women's Health Funding Announcement

This week Gippsland Women’s Health (GWH) celebrated the Victorian State Budget announcement that there will be an additional $19.4 million for the 12 Victorian women’s health services over the next two years.

Kate Graham, Gippsland Women’s Health CEO said:

“Never has there been a more important time to receive such a funding boost to women’s health services across the State.  The women of Gippsland have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic on the back of multiple climate change disasters and this funding will enable us to continue to reach more women across the region and to partner with key stakeholders.”

“The Victorian Government has committed to ensuring gender equality is central to Victoria’s future of public health and this has been demonstrated in the application of a gender-responsive budgeting process.”

This funding increase recognizes the central role of Women’s Health Services in the Victorian public health system as primary leaders in both state-wide and regionalised approaches that commit to reducing the impact of gender inequality on health, safety and wellbeing outcomes for Victorian women.

Ms Graham said “Gippsland Women’s Health are thrilled with this funding commitment and we welcome the opportunity to escalate our capacity with a range of organisations within Victoria’s public health system.  This funding better enables us to work with key stakeholders including Gippsland Region Public Health Unit and community health services to build on and further strengthen local capacity so that the women of Gippsland have equal access and improved health and safety outcomes.”

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