McGrath Breast Care Nurse

A McGrath Breast Care Nurse is a registered nurse with specialist training and qualifications in breast care. The McGrath Breast Care Nurse is part of the breast cancer treatment team and works in conjunction with surgeons, oncologists, G.P.’s, hospital staff and allied health staff.

Why is a McGrath Breast Care Nurse important?

All women diagnosed with breast cancer should have access to a qualified Breast Care Nurse. (Breast Cancer Network Australia, Cancer Council, National Health and Medical Research Council Australia). Breast Care Nurses provides support and assistance for women when they are faced with the challenges associated with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Marg Centra is the McGrath Breast Care Nurse for Wellington. Marg works with surgeons and oncologists in Central Gippsland, assisting with coordinating patient’s care and providing education, resources and support throughout their treatment and beyond.

How can Marg help?

Breast Care Nurses work with surgeons, oncologists and allied services. They offer:

  • Ongoing professional support, resources, care coordination and education for anyone, (and their family members ) who are experiencing breast cancer.
  • Service is free for as long as needed
  • Symptom management
  • Support groups
  • Breast health advice
  • Prosthetic support

Who is eligible?

All women (and men) who experience a breast cancer diagnosis are eligible to a consultation with a Breast Care Nurse, or anyone who would like support or information in relation to breast cancer, should make an appointment. Support is also provided to family members of breast cancer patients, and breast health information and advice is available to all.

Consultations are free and appointments are available Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyone in the Wellington area can self refer to the Breast Care Nurse by simply contacting us on 1800 805 448 or (03) 5143 1600 to arrange an appointment.

During COVID-19 the Wellington McGrath Breast Care Nurse is available for telephone and email consultation on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To arrange an appointment time please call on (03) 51431600 or message via our website here.

To find a nurse near you please visit the www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au

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