Preventing Violence against Women

MATE Bystander Program

To motivate and inspire participants to be active bystanders in their communities where they work, live and play.

Being active bystander during COVID-19

Every single one of us plays a role in violence prevention. You can still be an active bystander during COVID-19 physical distancing and social isolation.

The effects of COVID-19 and its uncertainties are increasing anxiety and stress on ALL our relationships. It may be happening to you, someone close to you, or someone in your community. Sometimes, we know it can become serious and violent. We need to watch out for each other and pay attention – we still have the opportunity to be effective bystanders.

Together with MATE Griffith University, we have produced a handy tip sheet to help navigate moments where you are concerned for family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or strangers.

Become an active bystander

MATE is a Griffith University leadership program focused on preventing all forms of violence against women.  MATE workshops empower participants to use their leadership skills in a positive way by using a bystander approach to violence prevention.  This approach is important because it does not view all women as victims or all men as perpetrators, rather it views all people as bystanders who can be empowered to address harmful and abusive behaviour  – in their work, in the community, within families.

Gippsland Women’s Health has a contract with Griffith University to deliver MATE workshops, the train the trainer model and support accredited facilitators across Gippsland.  Gippsland Free From Violence Coalition (previously Gippsland Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women Strategy) has endorsed MATE across Gippsland since they first hosted a train the trainer in 2014.  Since then there have been numerous MATE workshops delivered across Gippsland within workplaces and community groups as well as four further train the trainer programs and several annual communities of practice for the trained facilitators.

For information on the MATE Bystander Program visit the Griffith University website. For more information on MATE workshops, train the trainer or annual facilitator re-accreditation in Gippsland please contact us

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MATE Bystander Program