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Federal Election Advocacy

Women in rural and remote areas of Australia experience different health and wellbeing outcomes than those living in urban areas due to lack of access to health services, shortages of health professionals and infrastructure. Rural women experience financial insecurity, social isolation, complex barriers to equal participation and are greatly impacted by climate change.

This Federal election we are asking Government to take action for an equal and respectful Gippsland.  Our priorities are to:

  1. Advance Gender Equality
  2. Commit to Women’s Sexual Health and Reproductive Choice
  3. Prevent all Violence Against Women
  4. Deliver on Family Violence Action Plan

GWH Take action this federal election

Women’s health and wellbeing is shaped by gender inequality and Gippsland gender equity indicators are poor. We need strong commitment to a National Gender Equality Strategy.

Access to sexual and reproductive health services is a fundamental right for every women in Australia, however this is not a reality for Gippsland women. We want a National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy and funding to support its implementation to ensure women can access services close to where they live.

Violence against women and their children is preventable, however Gippsland women and their children continue to experience high rates of violence. We need increased investment to expand regional, rural and remote prevention strategies.

Gippsland has significantly higher rates of family violence. We need a strong commitment to build on the work already done, to address funding challenges for rural and remote services so Gippsland women can receive fair and equitable support, including trauma recovery.

We seek your support for the women of Gippsland and encourage you to raise your questions with candidates and your voices for an equal, respectful and safe Gippsland for all women.

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Make your vote count for the women of Gippsland.


Download our fact sheets for more information on our four priority areas for background information and a scenario:

Creating Gender Equality in Gippsland
Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Choice
Preventing Violence against Women in Gippsland
Ending Family Violence in Gippsland

Our friends at Gender Equity Victoria have collated summaries of where the major parties sit in relation to advancing gender equity, promoting women’s sexual and reproductive health and the prevention violence against women.

Download the summaries here


Click on the buttons below to listen to scenarios to help build your understanding on the issues that women face.

Gender Inequality
Lack of Reproductive Choice
Violence against Women
Family Violence