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Preventing Violence Against Women in Gippsland


All violence against women, children and families is preventable

As the lead agency for the prevention of violence against women in the Gippsland region, GWH convenes and leads the Gippsland Free from Violence Coalition (GFVC). We aim for a Gippsland free from violence and equality for all. We know that while violence against women, children and families is a significant and serious problem across Australia, and in Gippsland, we also know that it is PREVENTABLE.

According to Our Watch’s ‘Change the story‘, there are four key drivers of men’s violence against women:

  • CONDONING of violence against women
  • MEN’S CONTROL of decision making and limits to women’s independence
  • STEREOTYPED constructions of masculinity and femininity
  • DISRESPECT towards women and male peer relations that emphasise aggression

We know, and evidence around the world consistently tells us, that where gender inequality and disrespectful relationships exist, there is the possibility of  violence against women, children and families.

By understanding this key drivers, we are therefore able to work across Gippsland to prevent violence against women and children.

By focusing on the factors in our own lives, in communities, in workplaces and in our areas that contribute to gender inequality we can begin to recognise and change them.

There is information, resources, contacts and more for you to access, but please contact us if there is anything you are interested in.

Partnering to prevent violence against women

The Gippsland Free From Violence Coalition is Gippsland’s regional partnership to prevent men’s violence against women and children before it occurs.  The Coalition’s vision is of a Gippsland where communities, cultures and organisations are non-violent, non-discriminatory, gender equitable, and promote respectful relationships. The Coalition’s stewardship is undertaken by Gippsland Women’s Health, the active inclusion of partner organisations is integral to setting collaborative strategic direction.

In late 2018, the GPMVAW Steering Committee undertook a strategic review, to re-focus and to align their prevention work with the current Victorian policies and plans. It was clear that with the dedicated funding from the Victorian state government (following the Royal Commission and the coronial inquest into Luke Batty’s death), came a sharper focus on primary prevention activities and capacity building.

Strategic planning in January 2019 achieved the following:

  • Development of a strategic plan, framed on program logic, and inclusive of four pillars with associated prioritised actions.
  • A new governance model, headed by a Strategic Leadership Group, in which subregional groups were collaborative partners.
  • A title that better reflected strategic alignment with the Victorian government 10 year strategy and the inclusion of Gippsland’s subregional groups – the Gippsland Free From Violence Coalition.
  • Recognition of an exceptional opportunity to advocate powerfully for rural and remote Gippsland resources, by leveraging off the rare bipartisan focus of both state and national governments on Family Violence prevention.

The Gippsland Free from Violence Coalition

The GFFVC works to reduce and prevent violence against women and their children within the Gippsland Region. The Coalition is directed by a Strategic Leadership Group that includes membership from across the Gippsland Family violence sector, various related government and non-government partners and local community groups. Each member agency promotes and drives implementation of The Coalition’s Strategy, including a coordinated approach within their respective organisations and sectors.

The Coalition’s mission is to create and sustain, through advocacy and primary prevention, communities across Gippsland that promote and contribute to the prevention of violence against women and their children. The Coalition’s vision is of an inclusive and equitable Gippsland that values women and men equally and allows for equal participation and access to resources at all levels of community.

Workforce Development

We offer capacity building for communities and workers in the prevention of violence against women sector. Together with you we can develop a package that will suit your organisation and staff needs, to build understanding and effective actions to create change.

We offer a number of packages including:

  • Building capacity and capability
  • Are you making a difference?
  • Starting the conversation
  • Making the Link
  • Inequality and Violence against Women
  • Primary Prevention 101
  • Gender Equality 101
  • MATE

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Make the Link Campaign

Make the Link is our social engagement campaign which aims to increase awareness and understanding of the root causes of men’s violence against women and offer practical ways everybody can be active bystanders and make a difference in their sphere of influence.

After extensive consultation and focus group work, the three (3) ‘Make the Link’ posters were finalised and launched on International Women’s Day March 8, 2015.  Online and offline distribution of the posters continues to grow, including secondary schools, grassroots campaigns, international organisations, women’s health organisations and health clinics. 

Our online activity continues to grow, with the website Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

MATE Bystander Program

MATE is a leadership program focused on preventing all forms of violence against women from Griffith University.  MATE workshops empower participants to use their leadership skills in a positive way by using a bystander approach to violence prevention.  This approach is important because it does not view all women as victims or all men as perpetrators, rather it views all people as bystanders who can be empowered to address harmful and abusive behaviour  – in their work, in the community, within families.

Gippsland Women’s Health has a contract with Griffith University to deliver MATE workshops, the train the trainer model and support accredited facilitators across Gippsland.  Gippsland Free form Violence Coalition (previously Gippsland Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women Strategy) has endorsed MATE across Gippsland since they first hosted a train the trainer in 2014.  Since then there have numerous MATE workshops delivered across Gippsland within MATE Bystander Trainingworkplaces and community groups as well as four further train the trainer programs and several annual communities of practice for the trained facilitators.

For information on the MATE Bystander Program visit the Griffith University website. For more information on MATE workshops, train the trainer or annual facilitator re-accreditation in Gippsland please contact us

Herstory in Gippsland

The Gippsland Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women Steering Committee (GPMVAW) was established in 2013, focusing on enabling and coordinating primary prevention actions across the Gippsland region. Subregional groups implemented local action plans.

2013-2015 saw four broad activity areas will guide Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women and their Children within the Gippsland region. These included:

  • partnerships activity
  • leadership & advocacy
  • organisational & workforce development
  • community strengthening

The Strategy ensured that men are involved as change agents in the promotion, delivery and coordination of the identified preventative actions/interventions. To achieve this, initiatives were developed to ensure men, alongside women, are involved as equal participants and leaders in the prevention of gendered based violence.

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Gippsland Women’s Health is NOT a crisis centre. If you are in a violent situation, know someone who is experiencing violence, or know someone who is using violence, please refer to the key contacts listed here.

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