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Community Response


What can I do?

The Gippsland community recognises the significant impact family violence is having on local families.

Assisting someone experiencing family violence can be a daunting task. The best thing you can do is refer them to the right services and help them access those services. Specialist services can provide case management, safety planning, and access to safe accommodation, emergency funds and counselling. Assisting someone experiencing family violence can be as simple as giving them a phone number and access to a safe space to make the call. To find out who to call in your local area download the Stop Family Violence Card or refer to support services listed here.

To find out more about family violence, you can do this short quiz.

Things to remember:

Violence is never the fault of those affected. Nor can it be excused because of drugs, alcohol, stress or mental health conditions. Family Violence is not caused by random acts of anger, it is a choice for an individual to exert power or control over others.

Many people experiencing violence may not recognise it as violence. Some forms of violence are not physical and can be difficult to identify. For many women it can be a long process for them to choose to seek assistance and engage with services. Letting women know that there is always a safe space for them to make a phone call even if it is not right now, is still an effective way to assist those experiencing violence.

Women leaving or who have recently left their relationships are at increased risk of harm. Specialist services are experienced in assisting someone who is concerned for their safety, or their children’s safety.

Workplace Response

Gippsland Women’s Health offers a range of information sessions and workforce capacity building sessions which will assist workers to understand and identify family violence. These packages are tailored to your specific workforce, so that they are relevant and applicable to your organisation.  Please contact us to find out about the options available for you or your workplace.

Stop Family Violence Card/Poster

Stop Family Violence Cards and A3 Posters provide a full list of Gippsland and Statewide Family Violence Support Services.

The cards and posters are designed to be displayed in public places to raise awareness of Family Violence and list support services available.

Gippsland Stop FV Poster A3
Gippsland Industry Response to Family Violence



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Do you need help now?

Gippsland Women’s Health is NOT a crisis centre. If you are in a violent situation, know someone who is experiencing violence, or know someone who is using violence, please refer to the key contacts listed here.

If you are in crisis please contact:

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