Stop Family Violence Gippsland

Join the #StopFamilyViolenceGippsland campaign: agencies, local businesses, business associations and councils are invited to share posts and display posters and cards to raise community awareness of the resources and support available.

The Campaign

The Gippsland STOP Family Violence cards and posters are a key tool to assist those experiencing family violence to find help and support. The resources are commonly displayed in public places (agencies, medical clinics, libraries, hospitals and schools) however with COVID-19 shutting many of the places where the Gippsland STOP Family Violence cards and posters can be accessed, the Gippsland Family Violence Alliance are running a campaign to promote and extend the use of the resources.  Gippsland agencies, businesses, business associations and councils are invited to share the social media posts below, and display the cards and posters in public spaces.

Download the Campaign Kit which includes images and suggested text.

Download the Campaign information pack and commonly asked questions.

Four posts have been created which can be shared on social media and in newsletters to raise awareness of family violence, promote that services remain open during the pandemic, and provide helpful information on the Gippsland resources.


Download the four posts:

When sharing these posts on your socials and in your communications please use the hashtag #StopFamilyViolenceGippsland and tag Gippsland Women’s Health in your posts Instagram @gippslandwomenshealth, Facebook @gippslandwomenshealth and Twitter @GippslandWomen

Download the handy infographic on helping those who are experiencing family violence:

For Businesses

Thank you for supporting this public awareness campaign, please share this campaign opportunity with other Gippsland organisations and businesses.  Download or order Gippsland Stop Family Violence cards and posters for your business.

This helpful infographic will assist businesses and organisations understand what they can do to support this campaign and anyone in the community who is experiencing violence.