Are You Covered

Are You Covered? is Gippsland Women’s Health’s very own Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) initiative.

The aim is to ensure people of all ages are covered when it comes to safe sex, contraception, consent, conversations about sexual health, prevention and screening, gender and sexual orientation, and women’s SRH literacy.

Sexual and reproductive freedom and confidence starts with understanding all there is to know about your own sexual and reproductive health. Whether you want to find out more about reproductive rights, understand your contraception options, how to ask for and give consent, how to talk to your GP and health professional, or how to have healthy sexual relationships with your partner(s), we have got you covered.

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Are You Covered? est. 2015

Are You Covered started in 2015 as a campaign which was rolled out in the six shires across Gippsland. As part of the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy, Are You Covered aimed to increase safe sex practices in young people in Gippsland.

Work included the installation of Condom Vending Machines to increase access to affordable contraception in towns where access is limited, along with information on safe, consensual sex, the law and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) testing.

Recent work in this campaign includes working with the Gippsland Primary Health Networks installing condom dispensing units in doctors’ clinics with information on Chlamydia and STI testing.

Find locations of the condom vending machines here (please note locations are subject to change).