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McGrath Breast Care Nurse

What is a McGrath Breast Care Nurse?

A McGrath Breast Care Nurse (BCN) is a registered nurse with specialist training and qualifications in breast care.  The McGrath Breast Care Nurse is part of the breast cancer treatment team  and works in conjunction with surgeons, oncologists, G.P.’s, hospital staff and allied health staff .

Why is it Important?

Providing support and assistance for women when they are faced with the challenges associated with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

How can they help?

  • McGrath BCN’s coordinate care for people with breast cancer, provide information, support and referral to services.  She is able to answer questions relating to care, explain pathology results, arrange prosthetics, and assist to reduce the stress of a breast cancer experience.  The McGrath BCN provides support for all members of the family and this service is free.
  • The McGrath BCN conducts information sessions for the public and health professionals on breast cancer and breast health.

Who is eligible?

All women (and men) who experience a breast cancer diagnosis are eligible to a consultation with a breast care nurse.

Making an appointment with a Breast Care Nurse?

The Wellington McGrath Breast Care Nurse is available by appointment Monday to Wednesday.

Anyone in the Wellington area can self refer to the Breast Care Nurse by simply contact us on 1800 805 448 or (03) 5143 1600 to arrange an appointment.

Useful Links

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