We engage with women, communities, service providers and government to promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of women across the Gippsland area

What you can do

Be an advocate and working towards gender equality and preventing men's violence against women

Noticing Inequality in your sphere of influence. Gender bias can be subtle & pervasive.

Breaking the silence and speak out about violence. Raise awareness & change attitudes.

ACTION is about:

How YOU can break traditional roles that create inequality.

How YOU can challenge masculine peer culture.

How YOU can resist male privilege and entitlement.

How YOU can promote equal & respectful relationships between men & women in your life.

More on understanding violence & what you can do visit Make the Link

Read and share these memes 'Ways you can make a difference' in your daily life to end harmful practtices and attitudes that allow men's violence agaisnt women to exist. 

To understand why Violence agaisnt women is everyone's business, watch this TedxTalk 'Violence against women - it's a men's issue' by Jackson Katz, Mentors in Violence Prevention Founder.


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