We engage with women, communities, service providers and government to promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of women across the Gippsland area

Prevention Information Sessions

Host a free information session at your club, workplace or community setting

We have several trained MATE (formerly Mentors in violecne Prevention) facilitators accross Gippsland ready to offer tailored sessions that will empower participants to be proactive bystanders.

Learn about:

  • What is violence against women
  • Bystander action
  • Why gender equality is vital
  • The importance of leaders


Motivate and empower participants to be proactive bystanders to help end and prevent gender based violence.

The MATE program is currently offered to any groups in Gippsland without cost.  It could be anything from a two hour active bystander session to a whole day information session.  Previous training has been in many different settings, from lunchbox sessions at a team meetings, to a full day of learning and development. Contact us to discuss your options with us today.

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If you would like us to present an Information Session to your organisation or group please contact us at prevention@gwhealth.asn.au



Stopping Violence Against Women Before It Happens

Fact sheet 1  view here  What is it?Practical Family Violence factsheets

Fact sheet 2  view here  Why does it happen?

Fact sheet 3  view here  How can it be prevented?

Fact sheet 4  view here  How can it be prevented?

Fact sheet 5  view here  What are the issues for Rural Communities?

(source: Part one: Understanding Violence against Women, The National Rural Women’s Coalition in partnership with AWAVA and QCDFVR have produced the Family Violence Toolkit)



Cycle of Violence     White Ribbon Factsheet   Is Someone you know being abused in a relationship?

The Cycle of Violence

view or print here


White Ribbon Day 

Family & Domestic Violence  fact sheet

  A guide for families, friends & neighbours