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Community Action

Making the link between Gender Equality and Violence against Women

Gender inequality, sexist jokes and language, objectification of women, traditional gender roles/stereotypes and the gender pay gap help to create a foundation for men's violence against women. We can all work to break these behaviours and social norms. Watch our new video:

Individuals and communities can address gender stereotypes and promote change in attitudes towards women in order to prevent violence and discrimination against women.

“Violence against women is only the tip of the iceberg, underneath that exists discrimination of all kinds.”  B. K. Roy, MASVAW member

Find out more about Bystander training here

Community attitudes to gender equality and violence are explained in this short VicHealth video:

Stand up, Speak up and be an active bystander in your sphere of influence to create lasting change and end violence against women in all forms, harrassment, discrimination, sexual assault, rape and violence.


Speak out in your own sphere of influenceWhat men can do Tip Sheet


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