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28 September: Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

28 September: Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

Imagine for one moment a world where everyone has equal access to the full range of sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

In this world women would have access to safe and legal abortion services and affordable and reliable forms of contraception. 

There would be respect for women’s rights to health and self-determination. This would mean women would have full control over their own bodies, and therefore their futures. It would be a world where women would be free to choose parenthood or not; free to decide how many children they will have and when.

Unfortunately the reality in rural Victoria is that abortion service provision and access continues to be a challenge.

With more than 42% of health professionals referring to Melbourne for surgical abortions, 50% referring to Melbourne for medical abortions and an alarming 44.9% of health professionals who will not refer women for an abortion at all. (Victorian Rural Women’s Access to Family Planning Services Survey report 2012.)

Through the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy health services and organisations work to improve access to reproductive choices and to improve access to emergency contraceptive choices and terminations.

We support the Victorian Government’s actions to improve women’s knowledge of these reproductive choices and we will challenge and dismantle stereotypes about who can exercise choice.

Women’s reproductive rights must continue to be a priority in women’s health advocacy. 

The choice to decide if and when to reproduce is a personal choice. 

 We support safe abortion

Posted on 23 September 2017

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